Ancell/Clare was established in April 1970 when Colin Clare and Bob Ancell merged their individual practices. In 1991 Colin Clare retired from the Practice.

Richard Longbottom was employed by Bob Ancell as his Associate in September 1996. In December 2000 Bob retired from the Practice and Richard bought the business of AncellClare. Bob remains as a Consultant on a part-time basis.

Richard graduated from the Kingston Polytechnic, London, England on the 5th of July 1990 with a Bachelor of Arts, with honours, majoring in Accounting and Finance. After graduating, Richard obtained employment with an accounting firm in London.  In March 1991 he emigrated to New Zealand with his 'kiwi' wife. In September 1997 Richard was admitted to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of New Zealand. Prior to his employment with Bob Ancell, Richard worked in two other accounting firms in Hamilton.

AncellClare is a small accounting practice, offering personal, friendly and professional service.  Businesses currently on our client list include:




Professional Practices;

Service Industries;


Richard is directly involved with client affairs and he likes to make every effort to be readily accessible. He is currently assisted with three staff members, two accounting and one administration team member. We keep ourselves up to date with a comprehensive library and through attending relevant courses run by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of New Zealand and other professional bodies.

Use is made of the latest developments in computer hardware and software specially written for Chartered Accountants, as well as more commercially used packages.

We can advise on all aspects of business management, taxation and accounting for almost any type of business. Please refer to the Section 'Services' for further details.